A word on caring for your new pieces.

Brass:  I use Jewelers brass. It has a beautiful patina, that mimics 14 kt gold. Brass ages by darkening and can react differently to different people's skin. Some may like the way it ages & darkens, others may prefer to keep it gleaming. If you'd like to keep it gleaming you can give it a gentle polish with a jewelry polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner.  I wouldn't recommend wearing brass in salt water or treated water ( ie: pools) 

Silver: I use Argentium silver, it is sterling silver & resists tarnishing. If it needs a little brightening, just use the same jeweler's polishing cloth/cleaner, mentioned above.

14 kt. gold: The metal with the most longevity, it will age gracefully and be an heirloom you can pass down or keep forever. 

Etched pieces Please do not use anything too abrasive on etched pieces, as it will wear away the etching over time. The best thing to use is the least abrasive option of fine steel wool, available in the hardware store. *Please also see my "re-etch" policy under Policies & FAQ. 

Polishing cloths, in stores & online:

For gold or brass: Connoisseurs® UltraSoft® Gold Jewelry Polishing Cloth  

For silver: Connoisseurs® UltraSoft® Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Polishing Cloth for Silver, Gold, Brass

Euro Tool "Brilliant" Polishing Cloths